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MP3 Album: Infinitely More

£ 10.00 each


Songs, hymns, mantras celebrating mission and charism.

Emmaus Productions is delighted to launch a very special collection of commissioned songs, hymns and mantras by Monica Brown, celebrating the mission and charism of religious women and men and their associates during this Year of Consecrated Life.

The chorus of the title track expresses beautifully the spirit of this special collection from Monica.

Infinitely more than we could dream or image,
Is the power of your grace at work in us.
Oh may the grace of your Spirit,
Fire our hearts anew
Come Holy Spirit breath of our lives.
©  2014 Monica Brown.


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Infinitely More
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Infinitely More

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Infinitely More

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In The Spirit Of St Benedict

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So It Is To Be Among You

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St Mary Of The Cross Litany

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Gracious Brigid

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Caritas Christi

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Women Of Mercy

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Love Shall Be Our Lantern Flame

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Burning Hearts

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